Lib3d v1.0 is now obsolete. Version 2.0 is available here, on the obj3d page.

Version 2.0 adds in multicolor, line and point drawing capabilities, and more!

Well, get yourself over there!

This page contains stuff related to my 3d library for the C64.

The documentation is extremely spartan. A complete writeup will appear in C=Hacking in the near future. This information is just provided for general interest.

Click here for some Cool World screenshots.

Last revised: 5/3/98 -- Added lib3d source code

Some Cool World timings, as provided by Nate Dannenberg:

                                         Stock (1MHz)    Turbo (20MHz)
                      One large object:    3.7 FPS          67 FPS
                      One small object:    7.7 FPS          91 FPS!
                 Several large objects:    2.5 FPS          43 FPS
                 Several small objects:    3.8 FPS          53 FPS
The objects in these timings are the four- and six-pointed stars, which are by far the most complicated objects in the program, so the above numbers are more or less lower-bounds. Cool :)

As a further calibration, when no objects are visible the program runs at around 16fps, mostly due to the inefficient screen clearing routine.


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