The Midwestern Clan

These are all pictures of various relatives in the Midwest (Minnesota and Wisconsin).

[A Picture] This is my grandmother, who was born in 1900. I have this theory about the upper midwest: basically, the climate is so harsh, that if you can survive to age fourteen your body is so toughened that you live forever.

[Leslie] And this is my grandfather, who died before I was born (I think). On the left there is some Jezebel he must have found hanging out at the airport. On the right is the east side lake in Austin, MN (home of the Hormel meat packing plant, among other things).

[Uncle Dick] This is my favorite uncle, Uncle Dick. I believe he was born with the beard.

[Don't ask] This is my, ummm, aunt, Sharon. A distant aunt. She may have been left on the doorstop by a band of marauding gypsies. Sensitive viewers or viewers with children should excercise caution.

[Picture] This is my cousin, Gary, who works out in the DC area.

[Picture] And this is my 2nd cousin Ryan, with his girlfriend, with smoke coming out of his car, from an incendiary device placed there by his loving relatives.

Last Updated: 8/30/98
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