In late March 1999 I moved into my very first house. I also got a small puppy, which is rapidly turning into a rather enormous puppy. She's rather remarkable -- smart, doesn't poop in the house, doesn't try to jump the fence, doesn't need a leash while hiking (which we do every day, back behind the house). She also has sharp teeth, and what could be better than chewing human flesh? Although she wouldn't even come in the house for a while, she now has a special method of waking me up in the morning, at the crack of dawn. The method involves lunging onto the bed, at my head, jaws wide, and is remarkably effective. There's nothing quite like slobber and sharp puppy teeth to get you going in the morning! Except for a hard poke in the eye with a puppy nose, maybe.

Anyways, below are some pictures of the house and its owners.

[How cute]


The Menagerie.

The new house.