SCPU Software Repair Center

You know how it is... you think of that piece of software that will be just gorgeous with a SuperCPU, boot it up, and... pfzzzt! Auugh!

Well, the purpose of this page is to address that little problem, in its own little way. The page contains software which has been fixed up to work well with the SCPU and with other CMD products. Yes, they qualify as warez. Therefore you, as a responsible member of the 64 community, ought to buy a copy if the chance arises, and support the few people still supporting the C= community.

NOTE: It has come to my attention that programs do not always work right with v2 SCPUs. Later versions have stack and zero-page mirroring turned OFF, and for some strange reason this can hose these programs. Therefore, if funny stuff happens, try turning on mirroring (turning off all optimizations).

To un-ZIP these files on a C64, visit Errol Smith's homepage or Pasi's homepage and download C64ZIP.

So, here is the MASSIVE LIST 'O WAR3Z!!@!
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