As the sign on Ronald Reagan's desk said, "It Can Be Done" -- jpeg on a stock machine.
OK folks, this is the end! As of 12/23 there will probably be no further jpx/y/z development! Three major bugs were fixed in the decoder, and it now works with every image I have -- grayscale, Photoshop, the works! JPX/Y/Z have served their purpose well, and the time has come to move on to the next phase of the project.

There will undoubtably be periodic updates of this page, as different renderers etc. are written, when source code is released, etc. But for jpx, well, this is the end (sniff!).

[Original jpeg] [Hires grayscale] [MCM-lace grayscale] [full-color IFLI]

Yes, at long, long last, thousands of gigs of Hot Teen Action are accessible to C64 users.

The ruling render code is by Adrian Gonzalez (adrianglz@globalpc.net).

The nice pics above are from Mark Seelye (mseelye@yahoo.com).

Long live the 64!

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