Iseq is, of course, a C64 music composition program, written totally from scratch (i.e. it isn't just a Tunesmith update). It has a lot of features but is fairly easy to use, with online documentation (as well as text stuff below). Feedback would be most welcome!

Scroll down and check out the pics :)

6/29/02 Added Commando remix, ransid, and a little defense of iseq :) 5/31/02 Page officialy goes online!

I know that Iseq is pretty 'different; maybe the following will answer some of the concerns ("This sucks!!!") and questions ("What the HECK were you thinking?!") you might have. Then again, maybe not. Anyways:
Main files: Tunes: (you can listen from BASIC using SYS 4102) Source code:

The source is pretty big, so it might take a while to get up here. But if you email me I'd be happy to send it to you (does anyone even look at this stuff?!?).

Some pictures:

The main editor. Iseq allows multiple tunes, among other things.

Online help is available for all screens.

The instrument editor. Instruments consist of sequence values or modulation schemes, and are compiled into the player.

Arpeggios can be of any speed or length, with both positive and negative values, etc.

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