Screenshots from dim4.

dim4 was a competitor in the 1996 Driven 4k demo competition. It consists of four screens, each containing a rotating 4-dimensional image and four views of the 3-dimensional analog, with a tune playing in the background. As the demo progresses the screen gradually fills with the rotating images, until the screen is a wall of rotating objects. The demo gets around 15-25 fps, depending on the object (object 3 = slowest, object 4 = fastest). See the Fridge for links to the binaries, and the C=Hacking writeup.

Click on the picture for a double-size image.

Cubes and their 4-dimensional analogs.


A 14-sided object (remember the space station from Elite?). The 4D analog contains 32 points and 96 lines.

Tetrahedrons. ~