Observing observations

Not much here, I'm afraid.

Los Alamos is an interesting place to observe from. For the most part it is very dark, with clear skies. But the mountains throw off a humongous amount of turbulence, seriously limiting the resolution. For example, I can only reliably see the two main bands on Jupiter, with occasional brief glimpses of a third -- from Chicago, multiple bands were easy to see. This may also be due to Jupiter being relatively low in the sky, too.

Deep sky stuff, however, is wonderful. The Orion nebula glows to the naked eye, with lots of detail in the scope. The big star clusters are also visible. At night I often just stare at the sky, looking for fuzzy patches, then pointing the binoculars or scope at it and seeing what is there, later comparing with a star map. I have found several Messier objects this way. All of the constellations are visible and mag 6 stars are pretty easy. This is all from the back yard.

Anyways, I hope to jot down notes from different observing sessions, and place them here, as a kind of journal. We'll see if it actually happens...

Last Updated: 2/10/99
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